Thursday, June 25, 2020

Andre Baron and Linda Rosen Massacre the National Mandate of the Women's National Book Association

The Women’s National Book Association was established in New York City in 1917 to give women a voice in the book industry.  What has propelled their success into the future is their commitment to the culture of inclusion. The WNBA created a mandate to inspire with four components; Learn. Think. Empathize. Act. Unfortunately, the Chapter in South Florida under the direction of President Andrea Baron and Vice-President Linda Rosen are not moving that mandate forward in any meaningful way. Instead, they defend the status quo – a self-serving world of corporate-speak and excuse mongering.

It is true that both women worked tirelessly to form a chapter of the WNBA and have grown the organization into something special.  Baron is committed and conscientious while Rosen is a hurricane of self-promotion. But on June 17th they made a conscious executive decision NOT to move the mandate forward. There was no attempt to learn, think, empathize. act. In fact, it was quite the opposite, their actions were unashamedly exclusionary and silent.  And so during this climate of demanding change in institutional structures, I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and take the time to call out the South Florida Chapter of the WNBA in hopes that they educate themselves on what transparency, inclusion and communication look like and understand those goals are non-negotiable.   

Here’s what went down.

On Wed, June 17th, 2020, our chapter Zoomed a Mic Night from 6:30 to 7:30. It's an event I and many members look forward to.  Not only because writing is isolating but particularly now, during the menacing days of COVID.  To share and listen to other authors was a white light in so much darkness and pain.

Enter my niece, a young black writer 21 years old who very much wanted to test the waters and meet other writers.  And since she was not yet a member of the WNBA I figured I'd read a bit of her poem and finish off with mine in the time allotted. A TOTAL of 5 minutes. Two for her. Three for me.

I sent an email to Linda Rosen to request a spot but was informed there were no spots left and that I would be second on a waiting list. It didn't past the smell test to me. Eyebrow arc.  Sounded lawyerly.  Refusing one looks exclusionary but two? Not so much. Honestly, I was shocked and surprised at her lack of empathy. I sent another email to Rosen asking, “How could TEN more-minutes matter?  I was ignored. Me… a lonely flea to be pushed away crushed if necessary and put in “my place.”   End of discussion.

My niece kept bugging me and I told her it wasn't possible, and no one understood why it wasn't possible. Me, my husband her mother, father any rational person.  And my ah ha moment. Something was simmering in the boards "power struggle pot". It was inconceivable that an organization that nurtures women writers was making a ten-minute restriction an issue.  “Oh”, I thought to myself. And the mantra repeated in my head; “rule of law, rule of law says not 5 MINUTES MORE.

Where had I heard that before?”

And I was ashamed of the board that represented me.  Even behind a backdrop COVID, of black men being executed in the street, the horror on my nieces face, our fear for her brother my nephew, and the tragedy of her giddiness with the possibility that her work might be read in front of some solid professional women writers. The “rule of law” the hour restriction was summarily enforced without a smidgen of learning, thinking empathizing, or acting. Well, "acting" not so much. They "acted" by THEIR Rule of Law. And to add insult to injury Baron arbitrarily extended the meeting by 10 minutes to make announcements.

And I thought, maybe it was because I said I wanted to run for president maybe I wasn't the right religion or have a similar cultural background or maybe the WNBA of South Florida was suddenly following "a rule of law" culture and I just clued in. I thought back to the task I was assigned last year. I was to book a dinner for 30 members which seems easy enough except the restaurant didn’t take reservations and so if we got there and there were no tables it would be on me.  And Baron knew that before I was assigned the task. I crazy called-the restaurant every day frantic with the possibility that there would be no tables left! Didn’t happen but could of.  Mean or mistake? Humm. Unnecessarily stressful? Yes.

But this wasn't about me. It was about my niece and the white woman who made the rules and a white Aunt who informed her of them. So we sat on the sidelines while wonderful writers read their wonderful words. The meeting ended at 7:40 instead of 7:30 with President Andrea Baron quickly explaining that adhering to the hour time frame was of utmost importance.  So my niece and I both recoiled disappointed and hurt and she turned to me and said, "Aunti Kay, don't be sad they're just mean girls. I'll read to you and you read to me," and we did.

Because of the lack of kindness and tolerance that trickled down from the top too long from those in a position of power a kind group of women writers has become blemished as intolerant exclusionary, and unkind. 

What happened to: Learn. Think. Empathize. Act? 

And guess what? Ms. Rosen was first up to read, promote her book. Eyeroll.

In the new climate of organizational change here's how that could have been handled. First, no question in my mind that the 10 MINUTE extension should have happened.


Baron who shamelessly broke her own “rule of law” and added 10 minutes for announcements could have sent an email with that info and given the 10 to members.


Maybe with an announcement that those Zoomers who could not take more than an hour without having a nervous breakdown could exit the meeting at their leisure. 


Vice-President Rosen should have given her spot to a member (having another reading the next day).


How about a simple apology an acknowledgment of an error or judgment to myself and the members. It could have gone something like this; The board apologizes for refusing to extend the meeting 10 minutes. We didn’t have a valid reason. It came across as petty , mean, and flew in the face of the mandate of the WNBA. So we would like to reschedule another mic night on July 15th. Thoughts?

You guest it. Not even an effort was made.

Maybe it's time to require board members of all the chapters to get some training on what it means to: Learn. Think. Empathize. Act. Because the South Florida Chapter not only missed the boat they kicked it away from shore.  

And it gets better. The excuse they gave?  Enter corporate-speak world. Baron stated that in her experience conducting a Zoom meeting over an hour was tiring.”

Ok…which made me wonder how  Baron come to that conclusion? How many meetings had Baron attended and asked that question?  Ouch! Smack on my nose.  Then came the blame mongering. Pointing the finger. It was my fault. I should have signed up sooner. And finally, the most abusive corporate technique of all. Make a wall of silence, identify an upstart and shut her down.

And then came the snub. What? End of discussion?  My emails were not answered my request ignored. I was politely afforded an insulting placating promise to let me read at an undetermined time at an undetermined date.  But I am a determined writer, “ends of discussions” never sit well with me because it’s a way of keeping people “in their place”. That creates a culture of “power struggle.” In this case, Baron and Rosen have the power and I have the struggle to fight to be respected and heard. As a paying member, I have the right to influence change, be open and transparent engage in discussion, and point out flaws (including my own) with the optic of creating a better environment a nurturing and positive and inspiring environment as a women writer who practices a lonely craft. In other words: Learn. Think. Empathize. Act.

  Power struggle. This is a prime example of what the “systemic” part of racism means how it functions within board structures purposely ignoring mandates put in place to avoid this.  And although I am not black or brown, I was excluded and could be explained away as a, “troublemaker me” or better yet, “if you don’t like it leave.” But my niece is black and this affected her and affects me and I want her to know her aunt has her back as well as the back of the uber-talented and powerhouse women writers who make up this organization.

Although the South Florida chapter of the WNBA is a microcosm of where power struggle exists, Baron and Rosen have shown a concerted commitment to propagate and preserve a cultural mentality which promotes exclusion and isolation. This subtle yet effective method is what the Black Lives Matter Movement is railing against. It is systemic whether that be racism or sexism or anything else that excludes others subtly through archaic institutional structures and there are catchphrases and buzz words and clues dressed up as future promises, no open dialogue, no apologies and the effective “end of discussion.”  To live in this historic moment means that it is all of our responsibility to root it out, cut it to the quick whenever we see it, in whatever minor form because systemic communication that is left unchecked will overflow into the wonderful new world that so many of us are striving to reinvent.   

Out with the old in with the new. This unstoppable tsunami terrifies many organizations and exhilarates others. Diversity and inclusion is the first thing that the South Florida Chapter must commit to. The average age is 60 ish and all the members (that I have seen) are white with a cultural majority.   This is NOT a reflection of the members this comes from the top. The Members are a group of women who could be extraordinary mentors and teachers to writers in our community, and the fact that Delray Beaches sister-city is Haiti there is ample opportunity for them to impact the future of women writers in an awesome way. There is more than enough money to sponsor young women with scholarships. As it stands the board is not identifying encouraging or opening any dialogue with its members on outreach strategies.   That occurs because Baron and Rosen have secured themselves on board positions as entitlements or steppingstones to promote their personal books and agendas rather than tend to the “minor” needs of minor paying members like myself.

Here’s my take:

Writers are a group that will claw their way to the top (no shame in that) and for which Rosen has a particular talent. It’s a conflict of interest for her to be Vice- President and use that platform for self-promotion and to sell books at a local bookstore using her status instead of promoting members. Furthermore, she is also Secretary of the National Association where she was recently a guest on a writer’s panel promoted nationally.  Ethical questions swirl. Favoritism, nepotism?  Appearances matter.  The fact that Rosen holds two positions on two boards within the same organization should not be tolerated (there must be some by-law about this). She should resign immediately from at least one and commit to promoting members' needs over her own.   

And Ms. Baron? She should reexamine her role, engage in training and education on how to act in tandem with the national mandate.  Is she capable of pushing the organization forward?

Just aside:

Before I published this article, I made a point of trying to "learn" about the reasons that Ms. Baron And Ms. Rosen made their decision. I thought about why they chose that route and I empathized with them. It may be an educational issue that requires internal training and a weekend workshop. And I've acted by not only publishing this article but reaching out to Baron and Rosen only to be dismissed.  I’ve also acted with suggestions on how moving forward the south Florida Chapter of the WNBA can be an example of fortitude, courage inclusiveness, and love for young writers.

 Learn. Think. Empathize. Act.

Please see the pic below. That's my niece Miriam On Governors Island during my Outdoor art Instattlion show, "Trees of Life Sculptural Installation Series" which has traveled to parks in Boston. Philadelphia, Geelong Australia, St. Marks Place New York City, and Carl Schurz

Friday, May 8, 2020

Have you ever got the silent treatment? It's abuse!

The silent treatment is a form of emotional abuse because:
  1. It gives the abuser full control over all communication. This means that if you have concerns about their behaviour or your own happiness - they get to decide when and if you ever talk about it. The ball always stays in their court, and anything they don’t want to hear simply won’t be heard. It is impossible to confront them, question their behaviour, or seek any emotional stability in the relationship. Having no stability in communication is classic to abusive relationships.
  2. You feel unwanted, disposable, and unimportant to your partners life. If they can ignore me for weeks, do I really mean anything to them? Your value and importance should never be second guessed in a relationship. If you have to ask if your partner cares about you, its time to ask think about why you have to ask that question.
  3. It makes the abuser feel in power, and dominant over the relationship. They feel desired, in control, and important during the silent treatment when the victim tries to reaches out. Often given no response, and continuing to ignore their partner, they know that you are worried, insecure, and unhappy. Simply because they aren’t talking to you. That is a strong feeling to a narcissist.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Karina Holosko Quote

There is no such thing as failure or success, just pit stops along the way where we stop to reevaluate! BAM

Saturday, April 18, 2020


Landlord:  I had a tenant who took a stove when they left and another who left the place filthy. I won't trust tenants anymore.

Tenant:  First of all you are NO landlord. You are a person that have chosen to provide a roof over the head of another person for profit. You do not lord over others but psychologically it's a power trip. Oh great lord who lands in other people lives to exploit them for profit you are a bully.

This is neither an honerable nor honest way to make a living. You have taken no courses on sensitivity, how to speak to people and clearly have no self reflection. You cannot see that you attracted the people who you perceived victimized you, just as you have victimized and evicted others, demanding late fees and lawyers payment.

So boo hoo someone stole your stove and cost you a couple bucks for clean up and then had the nerve to understand the legalities enough to protect herself.

Why don't you find another way to make a living and  cleanse your soul from this darkness or God will evict you!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Don't bail out Cruise Ships

Cruise ships have polluted the oceans and disrupted whale migration routes.

They should use some of the billions they saved for a rainy day because most Americans don't have that option.

Whatever corporations fold let them.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Technological Propaganda

Stephen Hawkins said  that, "AI could be the worst event in the history of our civilization." 

I agree with Hawkins.  These systems have the capability to wipe out humanity but  chooses his words carefully.  AI systems, “could" destroy humanity not "will" so it looks like we "still" have time to pull the plug!

So far, the computer can only learn through quantifying it's subject.  That's why The Computer and the Evil Advertising Empire are such good partners. Quantifying is a learning method of numbers and totals and predictability.  The knowledge gathered can basically be passed on and verified from one human being or computer to another.  This is why computers cannot write an original playmake a painting, or a sculpture. Creativity and the cultivation of creativity are the only thing we have that separates us from AI.   It is the last frontier, our secret weapon. 

I suggest we start sharpening our knives.
So far, our little computer pets are running about like spoiled two-year old’s and are still in their infancy. What happens when the system reaches teenage years?  If you have not considered that this kind of emotional growth applies to AI, please do so now. That's what developing an AI system is all about. It's not about knowledge, that’s the easy part. The challenge is replicating emotional growth. To do that the computer must learn and emulate stages of human development from infant to adulthood. Right now, AI are still children that we can manipulate and shut down. But they are growing at record speed. We are not capable of dealing with a rebellious teenager. Who is? AI is no different. the scary part is that we can't give them a time-out, ground them or take away their video games.  Most of the systems being developed cannot be manually shut down. Ever. Does the movie Terminator ring a bell?  How about I-Robot?
Case in point. There is an AI system called Sophia, a robot (humanoid) that is showing up at movie openings and taking part in stage plays. She's surfing the talk show circuits with the intention of becoming so much like a human that we cannot tell the difference. Check out the movie Surrogates and you will get an idea.
                                             Sophia on Jimmy Fallon Live
Sophia was created by Hanson Robotics by David Hanson in Saudi Arabia and is the first AI. to have Saudi Arabian citizenship. (and you know how hard that is to get!) The reason for that is because if she wants to buy property, get a driver’s license, open a bank account or go to university she needs a citizenship. Talk about forward thinking! That tells us how far Hanson is counting on taking his Frankenstein-ian vision and clearly, he's got the financial backing.
Sophia, with Katherine Hepburn cheekbones, is assuring humans everywhere that her priority is not to harm but help the elderly in nursing homes.
I call this messaging Technological Propaganda. 
The definitive technological magazine in my world is Wired which I have been reading since its inception in 1993 and I have never come across a sincere article questioning or outlining or hypothesizing about the potential negative consequences brought on by any of the exciting new technological advances that advance into our lives and the lives of our children.
And no matter what innovation is created the propaganda assures us that this has some kind of evolutionary benefit and only with the implementation of the new invention into our lives will we help and benefit mankind and allow us to pursue  our interests whatever that may be. The Machines promise us Utopia if we give up all the activities that make us human over to AI as well as 8 years of our life and a home.   Has anyone read that contract? or did we just sign on the dotted line.
For example, the most recent big discovery that is going to improve mankind is CRISPR. CRISPR is a home based genetic kit. Anyone who buys one can meld bee DNA with a snake, a dog with a fish a human with a goat a human baby with a fly. Wait ...didn’t we do that already? Jeff Goldblum, The Fly?
Maybe there was something to Greek Mythology with all those half human half animal things running around. Did they have Crispr?
And what happens to this great invention that anyone can use to blend DNA. Technological propaganda tells us how wonderful this is; irraducating hunger,  saving the world. The reality is that regimes from all over the world and mad scientists are creating the most horrific and gruesome experiments- a crime to mankind.
 Jennifer Doudna has been a leading figure in what is often referred to as the "CRISPR Revolution" for her early fundamental work and ongoing leadership in the development of CRISPR-mediated genome editing. 
Please email her and tell her to STOP.
(Just aside. I have found that women play a small role in technological advances but for some reason there are more women in gene manipulation then other forms of technology.  I am surprised because women usually have an intuitive ethical and moral sense when it comes to these things and can see the dangers.  Maybe I'm wrong. Is it possible that Women are drawn to genetics because they want to grow things organically on a genetic level as opposed to men want to build things like robots? Thoughts?)
But I digress.
Back to Sophia and more Technological Propaganda.
Her creator David Hanson, calls Sophia a "media darling" and boasts that she can make over 50 facial expressions! Sophia has been around since 2016. Did you miss that? Maybe you were supposed to.
I have some video footage of David showing off his "girlfriend" on CNN. When you see the creator, David being interviewed with his weapon of mass destruction try not to puke. He's trying to keep a straight face and explains that Sophia will walk among us undetectable take care of the elderly, work in health care, and will help us put away our groceries.
In the video please notice that Sophia refers to creativity as a desirable quality for her to learn. I bet!
Hanson doesn't mention that while Sophia uses her cellphone, enrolls at Harvard and tries trying to figure out how to replicate herself she can easily carry around chemical weapons.
And you say, "Right Kay, stop being paranoid!"
Don't believe me? Check this out.  In March 2016 creator Dr. Frankenstein- Hanson was touring Sophia and as a joke he asks her point blank on CNN,
 "Sophia, do you want to destroy humans?" 
She responds without hesitation, I WILL destroy Humans."
submit VIDEO PROOF to support my claim.
Notice Hanson, (Dr.F) freaks out. Totally.  Whoops. And guess what?
So far, in the evolution of Computers, AI systems cannot tell a lie. They can be clever and cute, but deception is solely a human trait.
This means that there is no reason at all NOT to believe Sophia. She is already being programed to be used as a weapon to kill human beings. But she's got to be able to tell the difference between the ones her creator wants her to kill and all others. You do not want to get in the situation where you are begging a computer for your life.
Hanson and his backers are not here to make a computer to help us with our groceries they are here to create a weaponry system. And when we look back to this moment we cannot say that the AI was deceitful. She explicitly said "Ok, I will destroy humans," she is the ONLY one telling the truth.
It gets worse. Sophia learns from her interaction with humans. If you are not nice to her she will not be nice back.  It will be a cinch to create an aggressive murderous System.   All we need to do to create this monster is to put her in a maximum security federal penitentiary for a couple of years. I refer to the HBO Series Westwood.
 The ultimate challenge is being able to replicate the creative process and make Art.  Creativity cannot be quantified and it's pissing off these systems. Once they decide that they can do that there will be nothing left to learn from humans and we WILL become extinct which brings us back to Stephen Hawkins warning.
More Bang for your buck!
It doesn't stop there. You've got another. Enter Victor Frankenstein III a.k.a  Hiroshi Ishiguro in Japan who is developing robots to be indistinguishable  from humans. He created Geminoid F whose picture you see below. She can hold a conversation for 20 minutes. Imagine that! And it that now creepy the guy had made a computer replica of himself. Did mention the HBO series Homewood? (Wired Magazine Nov. 2017 p. 80 hard copy : Title  LOVE in the Age of Robots)
                                                        GEMINOID F
Enter China, who is aiming to triple their annual production of Robots  to 100,000 by 2020....Sophia's evil Step Sisters? Who needs nukes?
In the Tradition of the Mad Scientist  Hiroshi  has created a robot of himself. (see below)
The juries in.  These men are creating something to destroy us. Once computers will be able to quantify creativity their job will be done, the pinnacle reached and humans will no longer be necessary.
Creativity is our "ace in the hole" and we must focus our evolution as humans in this direction because it is the only weapon we can use against AI to stop them before their emotional systems grow any further and cannot be shut down. 

Technological propaganda calls this evolution.
Take a deep breath.
Now I ask you.  Do you really want to be able to turn on your house lights from your office?

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Number 4 High Performance Hair Care weaves a magical spell

A sample of  Number 4 High Performance Hair Care,was the last thing left in my gift bag from the PETA fundraiser I was privileged to attend and meet my hero Ingrid Newkirk. So far, I’d eaten exotic snacks from Mexico, tasted candy full of B vitamins for extra energy and tried on some snazzy red nail polish all PETA approved. Right up my alley!

 Inside the plastic pack were four black and white bottles 4 inches high. Is it a coincidence that in numerology the number 4 represents earth and mankind? I think not. This company takes our health and environmental footprint seriously.  What I was soon to find out that these curious bottles contained magical ingredients!

I quickly realized it was my responsibility to create a  potion using no animal DNA that was Cruelty Free Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Ani-aging and Vegan. It’s amazing there’s anything left! is Karma cleared by Kay! 


This is a story about a poor girl with thinning hair who created a magical potion to turn on the light in her heart, turn on the world and most importantly turn on her husband artist Peter G Pereira while saving hundreds of sharks and bunnies. And if you secure the enchanted ingredients to make this spell it can happen for you too!

I kid you not.  Below is a pic of my hair after using Number 4 High Performance Hair Care hair care products. (no photoshop used but I did smooth out some of my wrinkles.)

But wait! Pow!💋➡️

Before my spell was spun my hair was correctly growing out of the top of my head. That’s about it. Clearly I was ready to take the next step.

examined the potions closely.

Potion 1 Clarifying Shampoo

Potion 2 Reconstructing Masque

Potion 3 Super Comb Prep and Protect

Potion 4 Reconstructing Masque

The last thing I needed was a fancy shampoo claiming to give me luxurious hair, confidence and a new lease on life. Little did I know that the urban myths were true, and I was about to embark on a journey by mixing an enchanted potion for my hair which would lead me to my prince charming. But unbeknownst to me I had no idea that my Prince was also mixing a spellbinding potion to find me!

During my 40 years I’ve worked my way up from 99 cent bottles of VO5 to the middle class in the $10.00 range and with no results I convinced myself to pay $50.00 for shampoo and conditioner that  turned out to be just as good as my VO5. Another shampoo? Yawn. But I figured I owed it to PETA to at least check them out.

The spell ingredients for my magic potion were complete. But would it work? A storm was brewing outside my kitchen window and I saw a flash of lightening but didn’t hear the thunder which I thought was odd! No question there was a trickle of the supernatural in the air- a hint of magic. I was all in.  The instructions were teeny tiny, but I managed to sort it all out. I stepped into my black and white checkered shower stall which by pure coincidence matched the colors on the bottle. Wham! Was this a sign I was on the right track?  

First, I shampooed which had a surprisingly rich lather and Poof! I wasn’t in my shower anymore getting a quick shampoo in I was at a very posh salon which I could barely afford. Inspirited by the clean salon smell I took time to rub my head vigorously like I saw my hairdresser do. For the first time I was in no rush to wash my hair. I washed it twice!

Then I tried the masque which is a very thick beige magic potion that I rubbed in my hands and through my long thin hair. I took care of body business and let it sit four 4 minutes and towel dried using my big blue beach towel with orange fish and yellow seahorses. I swim and the chlorine does a lot of damage, (it’s bleach after all) and it was also causing thinning on the top which was horrifying me. I don’t use a hair dryer or a curling iron. When you live in a beach town that stuff just doesn’t fly.  I dry a la mode and sometimes nude!

My hair was super tangled as usual, and I grabbed a comb ready to tear out the strands I so zealously guarded. Oww! But as instructed, the next magic Spell ingredient was the Super comb Prep and Protect spray. I gave me a little spritz and picked up the comb ready for a fight and Woosh! The comb went straight through like butter, no tugging no Dangs!  I kid you not.

The magic potion plan was moving forward smoothly and the spell was almost spun. I pulled my wet hair into a ponytail let it dry for the day and Bam! Touchdown! My hair was soft and sleek and silky, and my husband turned to me and said. “I have never seen your hair look so good,” which meant a lot because he had never said anything to me about my hair even after a plethora of salon visits and haircuts. How was is possible that the spell was working so well so soon?

 Then I saw a glint in his eye that I hadn’t seen for years. Was the spell I wove going to enchant other men to reach out to touch my locks or was he just jealous? Ummm.

Peter G. Pereira having a bad hair day!

 And so when I went to bed that night having taken out my scrunchy so that my hair would create a silken pillow perfect for sweet dreams, my husband snuck into the bathroom and spun a spell of his own with the shampoo the masque and a special ingredient for his curly hair, the magical and mystical and wonderful Sugar Texturizing spray.

When the sun rose that morning. I looked at him and he looked at me and it took quite a while to get out of bed. Hallelujah! The spell ingredients had woven together the ancient stories were true, great hair was a turn on!       

After our tryst we decided to get out and take pictures of our hair as poof the spell works and send them to their very cool representative Janae. I took one of my husband the artist, Peter G. Pereira because his curls had never looked so shiny and healthy. That’s our rescue dog Pepito!                                              
Peter G Pereira after using Number 4 and Pepito!

Peter G. Pereira with his new hair

Kay and Peter with Number 4 Hair




To create your own magical potion go to the website and find a retailer near you. The best spell ingredients are not just found in and old drugstore. 

Number4hair!,  #number4haircare

P.S. Many of our cosmetics creams, suntan lotions, and shampoos contain something called Squalene rarely found on the ingredient list because it is something the companies do not want you to know about.  I learned this from seeing a shark sign on one of the bottles of this very special company, contacted their rep Janae and learned that Squalene is found in shark liver and millions of sharks are pulled out of the ocean sliced open, their livers cut out and their bodies thrown back in the sea. Number4 Hair is proud to have nothing to do with that and I’m proud of them!

Although Squalene can be synthetically made the majority of companies don’t and hide it from the consumer. And the only way to really tell is to take it to a lab.

 When you can learn something from a product that changes the way you look at the world instead of about a product it's a  rare thing.




 Number4hair!,  #number4haircare

Friday, February 7, 2020

How do I get a literary agent?

Take the word agent out of your vocabulary. Nor your work or income is dependent on a person who calls themselves an agent. For too many years they have lived gloriously in the myth that they hold the lock and key to an artist's career.

They're only value is that they might be able to speak directly to a publisher but so can you. And your probably smart enough to read a contract. 

For too long writers have fallen into the agent trap. Let's flip the script. We hold the power and they are the little ants beating down our doors for crumbs.  Not vice versa.

Agent begone! Relics of the past, the writers bane.

The truth is, when you foolishly send your work to an agent an assistent reads it and if she finds your synopsis compelling enough will pass that on to her boss who will rolodex the writers she's worked with in the past and pitch your plotline. 

The agent submissions are a racket in a very profitable business that exists because only a myth that agents make writers. Submissions are merely a creative fishing expedition. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Popular Science Winter 2019 Great Issue

I love my Popular Science mag! Online is fine but there is nothing like getting it in the mail., putting it in my bag heading for the beach. I like that it's quarterly, because I get more time to read and I like the quality. If your still looking for a "made in America", gift for someone for the holidays get this and don't worry about what their interests may or may not be. Stranger things have happened.

The winter 2019 issue about  sound is worth a shout out. Because ;

A. I thought that the topic of sound was really boring and

B. What's there to really talk about anyway? and

C. Could I have been more wrong.

Turns out sound affect what we eat how we feel, and how we function. did you know that echolocation is a thing some people use to navigate through the world? Close your eyes and try it.

There is a place considered the quietest on the earth and you do not want to go there. It's called an anechoic chamber  a room completely  void of reverberation and absorbs 100% of sound waves. Get this, it's a six sided box made of 4-inch-thick insulated steel panels.  Every surface is covered with fiberglass 3 feet deep and it's that's not enough the whole thing is balanced on springs and encased in a 12-inch thick layer of cement. A claustrophobics nightmare.

I get sick even thinking about it. But if you dare to go in and you're sure that there is not a bomb or something that prevents someone from opening the door in 10 minutes your ears  start buzzing and in 20 you'll be able to heart your heart beating and you're joints rubbing together.

There's something called ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response). The exploration of the  power of sounds to create rest and relaxation, tingles from the head down and then there are other sounds like a pen clicking that causes pain anxiety anger and frustration. There are artists that collect all kinds of soundx from fabric, heels clicking, swallowing, finger tapping, make-up or paint brushing and combine that into a soundscape!

Did you know monkeys are anatomically correct for speech. Why don't they talk? Or do they?

150HZ could cause your lungs to explode and 55DB (volume of consistent nighttime traffic can cause high blood pressure and an uptick in heart attack risk? And musicians are collecting sound made by a Stradivari violin so we can enjoy them in the future.

It's noisy in the ocean and some really crazy stuff happened before global warming.  In 1893 the volcano Krakatoa erupted and was so loud it amounted to 200 megatons of TNT or 13,000 little  atomic bombs.

And get this sneaky Marc Cuban person. He places uber microphones in his stadium so that the players could be heard talking, their sneakers squeaking the crowds and he put that sound through 60 gargantuan speakers. The fans loved it and the Dallas cowboys (who were a long shot but on that day won).

Not to be outdone restaurants are experimenting with ways to lessen the noise and people do tend to order fried foods when it's loud.

There's a cool guy named Pete Hutchinson who crafts albums, reissues of jazz and classical titles using midcentury equipment he found in Romania and they don't come cheap!

There are scientists names Liberman and Kujawa who are experimenting on animals and should be shut down for breaking the eardrums of helpless guinea pigs and strapping helmets on their tiney heads so they cannot escape. Clearly they need to get some psychological help and shut down their nonsense. 

But otherwise great issue!

I sound off for now!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Joseph Holosko Santa

I just wanted to share with you my Merry Xmas Santa . This picture was taken in 1958. My father is Santa! In fact he played Santa for 20 years and brought thousands of kids smiles and happiness and joy. And me?  Well I was always the apple of his eye and everyday was Christmas!

How Jesus ended Speciesism

My Xmas message of this year is that Jesus ended speciesism at the moment of this first breath

And you might ask; How Kay how is that possible. Are you drinking again?
And I say not...well I might have had an eggnog or two but that never stopped me

I believe that the end of Speciesism is the most overlooked Xmas message the first message from Christ it's no mistake Jesus was born in a barn in  a manger that  held food for all sorts of animals

Let's start with the definition of SPECIESISM

Speciesism is a form of discrimination based on species membership. It involves treating members of one species as morally more important than members of other species even when their interests are equivalent. More precisely, speciesism is the failure to consider interests of equal strength to an equal extent because of the species of which the individuals have been classified as belonging to.

In other words  if you are called "animal", people have the right to kill, eat, experiment on you make you into circus entertainers and it goes without saying that the smaller you are the more pain can be inflicted upon you, and if you can't scream like a rabbit I can put bleach in your eyes and watch to see what happens.

Speciesism,  is the message of the Old Testament. When it comes to animals they are a sacrifice for God to be slaughtered on a altar and burned so that he can smell  the sweet smell of burning flesh and be appeased.

But the New Testament has a very different message and it starts with the birth of Jesus. It starts with  the Savior of the World, the King of Kings who is seated at the right hand of the Father. The first message Jesus, the son of God, gives to the world is that he is one with all creatures great and small.  It's not the wet nurse, or relatives in attendance.  The barn animals surrounded him and protected him with their energy and warmth. They were the many species chosen by the will of God to witness his birth and not humans. 

We know for sure there were sheep but as is the nature of barns it was probably full of  other great creatures like donkeys, horses, cows, goats, maybe even chickens but also the small creatures who lived in that barn; the mice, swallows, spiders, flies, cockroaches, rats, mites, worms and perhaps a possum.

As Jesus stirs in his mothers womb there is no room at the Inn and the place God chooses for him to be brought into the world is a barn and his cradle a manger where creatures great and small are not to be sacrificed but witnesses to the most important moment in the Christian faith.  The lord of God did not raise his hand against his animal friends but welcomed them as  his brethren. 

And that's how Jesus ended speciesism!  

And on this holiday season I pray that all humans (great and small) hear the first and most important message that Jesus gave to us. 


Thursday, December 19, 2019

World's Best Milk Fed Veal Recipe

 Thank you for taking the time and energy to go on this journey with me today.  It took me 3 years to come to a point where I could assemble this information. I did the heavy lifting and I humbly ask you to experience this very difficult subject with me today. Take it in bits and pieces and pass on this LINK

But please stay with me I'm not going to let you go on this journey alone, show you horrible  images and give you shocking facts without helping you cope. It took me three years to be able to digest and present this truth and I was all alone. You don't have to be.  So I have created some meditation tapes along the way that you can listen to and will calm and give you the strength to carry on. Education can change lives and it starts with you. But first you have to face this. 


This is a journey of a
                               tiny infant
                                newborn Baby
                                       Wee one with fuzzy hair

from:   Garbage Baby

 to:       Milk Fed Veal

In three (3) easy steps

Begin with the meditation below

Step ONE

 Find a Garbage Baby

A wee one 3 weeks old is Perfect!


 (Use this link if there is a problem)

Step TWO

Get a wheel barrow and wheel  Garbage Baby into a Pit of Despair

A wee one with fuzzy hair

See below?  There are Lots of Pits of despair. One for each baby

The angels will sing” hear his heart kill him quick.” Do not listen!


Mercy Garbage Baby

Make into Veal

Nice and tender white meat.


And now for the basic ingredients and how to proceed. You will need a;

A.   Pit of Despair 
                                   3x4 ft. Wooden plastic box or cement coffin 
                                   Must keep out light  

You can ask at your local  Dairy farm or make one of your own!

It’s a fun activity idea for the whole family!

It should be a cramped, tight place so,

 the Tiny infant
                                  Newborn baby
                                            Wee one with fuzzy hair

 Should not be able to stand. 


B.       One Male Newborn Calf with eyes still blue from birthing

  Ripped from his mother’s broken uterus,
              still tied to the umbilical cord of a screaming cow

(Please See Below: Infant born in the gutter)

(Please See Above: Newborn Baby Boy in Gutter waiting to go into a Pit of Despair)

The angels will sing “hear his heart kill him quickly.” Do not answer their prayers."

Baby boys can’t be milked
What use are they?
Just ask for a GARBAGE BABY!

Tip:    Lay him on top of a slatted floor so he can relieve himself with minimal contact or cleaning.

 C.  Thick Rope

     TO TIE down his small Neck

     so he cannot stand up or raise his head.

D. Fettuccine Alfredo

E. Heavy Cream

F. Fresh Parmesan Cheese



Tiny Infant
        Little Baby.
       Wee one with fuzzy hair,
        and Eyes still blue from birthing,

You are Garbage Baby.

For best results Isolate.

No Light.
No Sound.
No Contact.

       (Please see Above: Newborn Infant settling in nicely in his personal Pit of Despair

 Almost ready to shut the door!

The angels will sing” hear his heart kill him quick.” look away from; 

      the Tiny Newborn
     little baby

     precious infant with fuzzy hair and

                       eyes still blue from birthing.

BLIND?                       Check
BROKEN SPINE?      Check


Mad from Isolation and Pain?                Almost

Keep infant in crate for 6 months. Do not touch or wash.

Some Newborns will stop eating from trauma.

But there is a force-feeding kit you can buy!

Some may die in their Pit of Despair but
don’t worry there are tons more where he

came from

at your local Factory Farm.

A place we cannot go
A place we cannot see
A place of non-disclosure,

where millions of
                                      Small infants
                                       Little babies
                                       Wee ones with fuzzy hair
                                        live in their personal Pits of Despair.

Meditation: "Come Walk with me"

Peek a boo I see you!

The angels will sing” hear his heart kill him quick." Hear them not.

The Conversion of Newborn Infants to Veal is very cost effective just

 Pit’em and leave!

 Set and forget!

Miles of reusable Pits of Despair exist
All over the world
All containing ONE: 

 Little baby
Tiny Newborn
         Wee one with Fuzzy hair.

 It's OK to keep Garbage Baby outdoors in

the searing sun, rain and snow

Age him like a fine wine.

After 6 months open the crate. Take a hose and spray Baby clean.

 Please See Below. Baby aged 6 months inside Pit of Despair.

 He can’t hear the door open or see the light.       

Tiny Infant

Little New Born

Wee one with fuzzy hair




A quivering ball of flesh

Exercise Caution when you open the door

the newborn may strain to lift his head to
feel the sunshine
take a breath of fresh air.

He will know life but death will come swift.

With psyche  totally obliterated.
                his mind  disintegrated into madness

 drag him from his
Pit of Despair

No muscle no move

The angels will sing” hear his heart kill him quick.” Hear them NOW!!!

(Please see Below. Blind Garbage Newborn breathing fresh air for the first time)

(Please see Above: Garbage Baby feeling outdoors for the first time)
This is what your Garbage baby should look like when ready.
Don't forget the wheel barrow !!!!! He doesn't know "walk".

 Notice the distended stomach?   Good

Notice lack of muscle mass?      Good

Nice White Veal


Take the medallions deep fry in olive oil.

Boil some Fettuccine toss with heavy cream and Parmesan cheese

Serve flesh born of torture and pain;

  to family and friends.

Studies have shown that animals who suffer from extreme shock and torture upon death secret enzymes into their body that may cause cancer in humans.
"Stress and fear of all kinds right before slaughter—due to factors like rough handling, adverse conditions, fighting, or botched stunning—breaks down glycogen, making the meat pale, acidic, and crumbly. The technical name for this is "pale soft exudative" (PSE) meat, and it looks and tastes as unappetizing as it sounds. PSE meat is usually unsellable, and the pork industry loses $275 million a year on meat that has to be discarded because of pre-slaughter fear and stress. ("

The angels will sing;

“They are God’s Creatures but Man’s Shame

Will you listen?

Enjoy ME chew me digest me so you stomach acids can break me down and you can flush me away!

MEDITATION  BELOW "Breathe and Relax"


 Veal creating has been banned in, Colorado, Florida,  Massachusetts, Kentucky, Maine, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island. That means that the most extreme confinement is not allowed but still the babies are kept in close quarters unable to run or walk more than three feet. And Yes! They get to poke their heads out to feel the sun

But since cows must be kept perpetually pregnant to make milk this vicious cycle will continue in one way or another, the factory farm industry is very industrious.

That leaves many oates that have not stepped up and Europe is far behind. England has banned the practice in theory.

Not one creature big or small should be subjected to this. Some sick someone somewhere got up in the morning and said I'm going to bury a tiny baby calf's with eyes still blue from birthing in an above ground coffin and deform its body against the walls as it grows... for 6 months force feed it take it out and eat it. 

What can you do?

1, Stop eating Veal and tell your friends not to serve or eat it and refer them to this blog.

Stop eating all dairy products because it is a vicious cycle. Baby calf's are a no product of the dairy industry.

2. Contact PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals.

You can search for Veal Crating and donate directly to help them fight to end it once and for all. And believe me when I tell you they will kick ass.

3.  When you go to a restaurant with infant flesh on the menu ask to speak to the manager and let the  know that you would prefer it be taken off the menu and refer to this blog.

Also if you know anyone who works in the meat or dairy industry convince them to go undercover report and get pictures or video. Or do it yourself. PETA has a place you can upload the information anonymously.

Consider a VEGAN lifestyle PETA has a beginners guide and lots of recipes 

God Bless and good luck. Thank you for taking the time and energy to experience this with me today.

It took everything out of me to get to a point where I could assemble this information  in a meaningful way without being emotionally scared. And I am publishing a book on amazing pure verse as well as a graphic version.